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 Rules & Strategies
 Rules for Playing Poker
Poker uses the 52 cards of a standard deck of playing cards. The card values are as follows Ace (which is the highest-value card in most of the variations, but can be the lowest in some variations), King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 [And Ace, in some variations]. There are four suits: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs, and all of them have the same value. Poker hands contain five cards, and the winner is the one with the highest hand.

The use of Wild Cards depends on the variation played. A wild card will take on whatever rank or suit you want it to take. A wild card can either be a Joker or a certain card from the standard deck, like deuces, or sevens.

The number of cards dealt depends on the variation you are playing: for instance, 5-card stud means that you are dealt five cards; 7-card stud means that you are dealt seven cards, and so on. The standard game is "Five card draw", in which five face-down cards are dealt to each player.

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 Rules for Playing Blackjack
Blackjack rules and online blackjack rules alike, of course, since there is no difference between regular and online blackjack rules, name the objective of the blackjack game is to get closer to 21 than the dealer, but without going over 21. How do you get these points? You just add all your cards' values. 1's through 10's have their marked value, jacks, queens and kings all are valued as 10's, and an ace can be counted as 1 or as 11, depending on the hand. An ace is counted in a way that doesn't make the hand go over 21. So a hand like [7, A] can be counted as an 18, or an 8, but a hand like [7, 4, A] can only be counted as a 12.

Get another card Or Stand: stop at the current total.

Doubling Down:
If you are sure you can beat the dealer with just one more card, you can double down. "Doubling Down" is the ability to double the bet, and receive just one additional card, if you haven't drawn a card yet. In a good opportunity, like having a hard 11, when the dealer is showing a 2, you could probably beat the dealer by getting just one more card, so you could use this advantage you have and double down. You put the additional bet next to your original bet, and not on top of it. There is an option to double for less, what means you don't double your original bet, but if possible, it's better always to double for the full amount.

If you get a pair of two value-matching pair, like a pair of 6's, or a [J, Q], you can split it, and get two separate hands. Once you split, of course, you have to bet the same amount you bet on the original hand, and put it next to your original bet, in the betting box. The dealer will then deal a second card to your first hand. If you want to double down one of your hands, you'll could, if the casino rules (or the online blackjack rules) permit "Double after split". After you played your first hand, the dealer will deal a second card to your second hand, and you can play it too. If you get additional pairs, always, of course, the first two cards, most casinos (or online casinos) would let you resplit up to 3 times, what means that you'd have 4 separate hands. Splitting a pair of aces is a very strong move. So strong, that if done, you'll be allowed to get just one more card for each hand. If you get a 10-value card as the second card, though, it is considered a regular 21, and not a blackjack, and doesn't pay 3:2.

This decision must be made before any other choice about playing the hand. Surrender offers you the choice of folding with a cost of half your bet, instead of all of it. There are two versions of surrender, early and late, and the difference between them is only how a dealer blackjack is handled. In the early version, a player can choose surrendering before the dealer checks his cards for a blackjack. The other, more common, version is the late one, in which the dealer checks for blackjack before allowing players to surrender their hands, if he doesn't have a blackjack, that is. Surrender isn't an option in all the casinos, so you'd have to check the casino's or the online blackjack rules. To not abuse the surrender option, you should only surrender if the chance of winning is 25% and under, because if you win 25% of the hands, and lose 75%, your loss is about one half, what you are sure to lose by surrendering.

Insurance; Even money:
If the dealer has an up card of an ace, he will offer the players insurance, which means this: The player bets up to one half of his original bet, and puts it on the insurance betting line in front of it. The dealer checks for a blackjack. If the hole card is not a 10-valued one, you'd lose your insurance bet, but can play your original bet, on your hand. If the dealer does has a blackjack, you'll win the insurance bet, which pays 2:1, but will lose your original bet, unless you have a blackjack, too. It's called insurance because it makes you break even - you lose your bet, but win one half of it times two. This is not a smart play move usually, though - the odds are against you on this one. Statistically, to break even the card hole would have to be a 10-valued one 1 out of 3 times, but it is actually 1 out of 3.1875.

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 Rules for Playing The Slots!
The rules are simple: Put in a coin, or several. Pull the lever. Collect winnings, if exist.
There are some tips that can be given for the technicality of slot playing, as slot machines are just a game of luck.

  • Set your limits: Don't go playing unless you set yourself two limits: A loss limit (If you lose this much money, you walk away. This is supposed to be a sum that you'd be comfortable with losing.) And a win limit (After winning this amount, walk away from the machine.)

  • Don't put all your winnings back. Save yourself a percentage.

  • Since all machines are different, you should familiarize yourself with the symbols that, when aligned, make a jackpot on this machine. Don't walk away from a win without getting the rest of your money from an attendant.

  • Always play the maximum bet. You'd get better odds that way.

  • Look for a 98% or higher payout machine, with a progressive jackpot.

  • Self-discipline is the key. When playing a land-based slot machine, refrain from bringing more money than what you intend to play, when playing an online slot machine, you should just remember at all times your limits.

  • If you hit a jackpot in a land-based slot machine, don't touch the machine, don't walk away, and don't let anyone touch the machine, until the attendant comes with the rest of your prize money.

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 Rules for Playing Roulette
Roulette happens to be one of the easiest games around and thus its rules are quite simple. This game may not bring you those "big bucks", but it surely is lots of fun and will leave your pockets thanking you. Believe me on this one, you can master this game on your first shot. Yes it is that easy!!!

The first Roulette rule, before you begin to play, is to buy the roulette chips from the "croupier", the table's overseer. Every roulette table has its own f six or seven markedly colored chips in sets of 300. Every color is selected for a player and thus you need to limit the amount of players to the corresponding amount of colored chips. These chips are only roulette usable chips and can not be used outside of a Roulette table. If you want to leave the Roulette table, and you still have the "Roulette chips in your hand, you must first trade them in for regular casino chips. The regular chips can than be exchanged at the cashier post for cash.

Ok, so now you got down the chip configuration, and now its time to get to know the table set-up and kinds of bets you can put down. Look anything new to you can be confusing, but once you take another look, you will start to get what is going on. A roulette table is made of an amount of dissimilar subjects. They will all appear to be practically the equivalent deal. You probably are thinking there is got to be a catch to this, because usually things don't look like what is really involved. However in Roulette, a lot of of the areas have the same odds and whatever bet you put at the table, the house's boundary always remains the same at - 5.26%.

As you can see, Roulette's rules are quite simple. Again, all you need to know about the game and to enjoy it, is familiarizing yourself with the table layout and the kinds of bets you can place. Remember, the house's perimeter is the same on all bets, and thus those "stupid" bets that you think you have made don't make a difference.

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